2020 Annual Report

The past year has been like no other. The biggest story of course has been the Coronavirus. It’s impact on Vivid has been, and continues to be, profound. As it has been for everyone.

Our response and strategy has been to remain true to our mission by offering all Vivid’s regular services – or as close to that as Government and Health Authority restrictions have allowed. This is across our full suite of services.

Vivid’s staff deserve the accolades for maintaining, adjusting and innovating services, whilst ensuring that everyone remained safe. For that, our support workers have our heartfelt appreciation, admiration and gratitude.

In achieving this outcome, Vivid has remained true to its mission. We not only sought to maintain support for people with disabilities, and their families – we also sought to maintain support for our staff.

Despite the many challenges imposed by COVID-19, the 2019-2020 financial year was positive in so many ways. We are enthusiastically embracing digital technologies more than ever – and seeing the benefits that brings. We have recruited many more great staff. We have continued to adapt to the ever-changing landscape that is the NDIS. And we have had
a lot of fun!

In our 2020 Annual Report you can delve into the key milestones and highlights of each of Vivid’s service areas.

Thank you to the entire Vivid Family for the role you play in this wonderful organisation.

Your are all contributing to a community where people of all abilities thrive.

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