Like everyone at Vivid, our leadership team are committed to creating a community where people of all abilities thrive. We have a diverse range of individuals who make up our management team and they are responsible for ensuring quality and professionalism for the entire Vivid Family.

Scott Alexander

Chief Executive Officer

Kylie Liebmann

Executive Manager, Commercial Operations

Jan Schultz

Executive Manager, Corporate Services

Shannon Walker

Executive Manager, Resources

Suellen Betts

Vivid Living, Loddon

Meaghan Broom


Karen Carpenter

Vivid Learning & Product Design

Viviana Castillo

Risk & Quality

Sue Green

Support Coordination

Leanne Lockyer

Supported Employment, Loddon

Maree Miliano

Regional Manager, Mallee

Kyra Naismith


Andrew Thomson

Business Development

Audra Tonge

Human Resources

Emily Umbers

Marketing & Fundraising

Vivid’s Board Members are a group of volunteers who actively oversee the governance of the organisation. It is their role to ensure the sustainability, and strategic leadership of Vivid.

Our Board Members are:

Vince Fusti


Andrea Fitzsimmons

Denis Gell

Simon Griffin

Rachel McAsey

Jessica Moyle

Ted Paynter

Geoff Tighe

A strong membership base is essential for Vivid and our delivery of quality services for adults with a disability. Our Life Members are appointed by the Board in accordance with our Rules of Association.

  • Fran Galvin
  • Jack Squire
  • Fay Williams
  • John O’Mahoney
  • Ian Hickey
  • Richard Moore
  • Don Healey
  • Ken Peat