A new home for Kellie and Michelle

Supported Disability Accommodation by Vivid Living


In early December, Vivid welcomed Kellie and Michelle to our brand new three bedroom supported accommodation house in Echuca.

The two housemates are also work colleagues at Vivid Work Crew so have established a wonderful friendship. The friendship is blossoming even more now that they are sharing accommodation.

For Kellie, this is the first time she has lived away from her family. Her parents and siblings were thrilled that she was ready to spread her wings and gain some independence – they have supported her every step of the way. Moving away from the family farm has been a big transition but one that Kellie is taking in her stride. She is loving being closer to her friends in town and welcoming her family over for visits.

Michelle already had experience living in supported accommodation but was keen to try out a new arrangement with Kellie. The two women have established a wonderful routine by grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking together. They have common interests and are trying out new activities together like Pilates and swimming.

Vivid provides support at the house 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are there for the women to give a hand with daily tasks and work with them to build their confidence and independence.