Vivid’s Part in the War on Waste

Vivid Work Crew were proud to be at the launch of an awesome new community initiative that will help our environment.

On Monday 18 March, Vivid Work Crew were at Echuca Primary School along with the Shire of Campaspe and One & All Inclusion Project to bundle up soft plastics. What’s this got to do with the war on waste? Here’s how it works….

Don’t bin it… recycle it!

Soft plastics are one of the key issues when it comes to waste management as they’re not able to break down once they go into landfill. The Campaspe Shire are rolling out a new initiative where they have soft plastic recycling bins. They’ve launched the bins at schools like 208 and hope to expand further soon.

Adults with disability are employed

Vivid Work Crew’s great partnership with the Campaspe Shire continues to develop and we jumped at the chance to be involved in this new project. As part of Work Crew’s contract with the Shire, supported employees will be paid to bundle the soft plastics using specialised equipment purchased with a grant from Sustainability Victoria.

Closing the loop

Once the bundles are ready, they’re sent over to Newtecpoly in Moama where they will be made into products once again. Outdoor furniture, garden edging and traffic bollards are just some of the products that will be made using recycled soft plastics. A fantastic example of repurposed soft plastics is the Buddy Bench at Echuca Primary School. The Buddy Bench is an initiative of the One & All inclusion Project to promote inclusion and social behaviour at school.