The story behind the Little Blue Towels

Dick Phillips beams with pride when he talks about the partnership between Horizon Committee and Vivid Work Crew. In 2016, Horizon Committee approached Work Crew to take on the job of laundering and packaging Little Blue Towels.

These towels are no ordinary towels. The brainwave of David Hayes, an anaesthetist from Melbourne, the towels are recycled from their single use purpose in the surgical wards of hospitals, they are then laundered, packaged and sold to raise money for breast cancer retreats. “When we started the Little Blue Towel initiative, we thought that the number one drover of sales would be that proceeds go towards our breast cancer fundraising. In fact, the number one driver now is the employment opportunities that Little Blue Towels provides to adults with disability.”

Churning through a quarter of a million towels each year is no easy task but the operation is spread out across Echuca, Kerang, Ballarat and Kew. Vivid Work Crew take care of the laundry and packaging for over a third of all stock and Dick says he loves Work Crew. “Everyone is always having a good time while they work. Sometimes we’ll get a new order and that means the guys have to quickly turn around a lot of stock but it is never a drama. The quality is excellent and everyone takes such pride in the work that they do. The great thing is that this is an amazing example of different community groups coming together to make something happen. It’s fantastic!”