Support Coordination Leads John to The Greens

Support Coordination provides assistance to people with disability to choose the support they need to participate fully in life and in the community.

For John Raccanello, this meant that Vivid were able to help him achieve his goal of getting involved in lawn bowls. John’s Support Coordinator at Vivid, Meaghan, was really keen to work with community partners so that John could get onto the greens as soon as possible.

Meaghan and the team at Vivid advocated for Moama Bowling Club to purchase a new wheelchair suitable for use on the greens. John’s regular wheelchair wasn’t suitable for the surface and it meant that he was unable to participate in the game.

Our friends at Moama Bowling Club showed their full support by agreeing to purchase the custom wheelchair so that it could be used by any member of the community that requires it.

On 30 November, John was thrilled to be able to give the new wheelchair a test run on the greens. The wider wheel means that it doesn’t tear the delicate greens and the design also allows for the user to be at the correct height to be able to reach the ground and ‘have a roll.’

In a wonderful display of generosity, Moama Bowling Club also offered to cover John’s bowling membership at the Club so he can brush up on his game whenever he wants.


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