Stage 4 “Five Day Lockdown” Restrictions

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice to Vivid supported persons, families, carers and staff

This Advice has been issued to clarify, in the context of the resumption of Stage 4 Restrictions from midnight Friday 12 February, 2021, the status of Vivid’s services.

The basic rule is – stay at home unless:
– Shopping for essential goods and services (one person per household, once per day; a support person can accompany)
– Caregiving or compassionate reasons
– Exercise (up to two hours per day, with members of your household)
– Essential work or permitted education

– Travel is limited to a radius of five kilometres from your home residence
– Face coverings must be carried at all times
– Face coverings must be worn at all times indoors and outdoors, except if you are at home
– No visitors

Day Services
Day Services will close.

Flexible support
Flexible supports, such as in-home care, will continue to be provided as long as it is considered to be an essential service.
We will be in contact with all clients who are in receipt of flexible supports to clarify whether or not we will be able to provide them with services during the lockdown period.

Burke House – Residential
Burke House will continue to operate as usual, subject to the constraints imposed by the restrictions (including, of course, the need for residents to comply with one of the four reasons for leaving the House).

Work Crew – Supported Employment
Work Crew will continue to operate.

This will be subject to:
– The constraints imposed by the restrictions (such as only essential work being carried out) and
– Liaising with customers and business partners in relation to the continuation, variation or cessation of contracts.

Transport services will not operate.

Health and safety remains the paramount consideration

All of these services will, of course, continue to observe all health and safety directions, issued by Health Authorities and Government.

Head office
High Street North will be closed.
Staff will be working from home.

This Advice may change!
Some elements of this Advice may change in the coming days.

Please keep an eye on Vivid’s website.

If you haven’t downloaded Konnective, please do so – it is our primary method of delivering critically important information to you.

If you need advice on how to download Konnective contact Megan Dehne: [email protected]