Stage 3 “Stay at Home” Restrictions

Advice to Vivid supported persons, families, carers and staff

This Advice has been issued to clarify, in the context of the resumption of Stage 3 Restrictions from Thursday 6 August 2020, the status of Vivid’s services.

It’s worth reiterating what the basic rules are for Stage 3 Restrictions – the only reasons to leave home are:
* shopping for food and essential items
* care and caregiving
* daily exercise
* work and study – if you can’t do it from home

The provision of disability support work is permitted under Stage 3 Restrictions.

Day Services
Day Services will remain open with services available for people who require that support.

A supported person can attend Day Services if one of the four reasons for leaving home applies.

This is a decision to be made by that person and/or their family/carer.

Flexible support
Flexible supports, such as in-home care, will continue to be provided.

A supported person will be able to receive services outside their home if one of the four reasons for leaving home applies.

For example, if you need support to do your shopping, or to exercise, then Vivid can provide that support.

Burke House – Residential
Burke House will continue to operate as usual. Staff and residents will comply with Stage 3 guidelines.

Work Crew – Supported Employment
Work Crew will continue to operate.

This will be subject to liaising with customers and business partners in relation to the continuation, variation or cessation of contracts.

Transport services will continue to be provided.

Health and safety remains the paramount consideration.

All of these services will, of course, continue to observe all health and safety directions, issued by Health Authorities and Government.

Head office
High Street North is open, but that status is currently under review.

Most staff are working from home.

This Advice may change!

Some elements of this Advice may change in the coming days.
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