Meet Scott

“After spending two years in Melbourne due to a serious car accident in 2013 Scott was able to return to our family home in December 2015. Coming home was an integral part of Scott’s recovery. It was a huge stress leaving his therapists in Melbourne and wondering what lay ahead as far as being able to continue on with his rehabilitation and also manage at home without the full time support of hospital staff.

Being supported by a care program in our home was going to be our biggest challenge in returning to Echuca. Scott had a team of three Vivid staff who were with us for most of that time. All of them are very invested in his rehabilitation and recovery consisting of rotating shifts 7 days a week.

Without the support and hard work of Stef, Cassie and Rob, Scott would not be improving anywhere near his potential. Along with that hard work of rehabilitation there is also a lot of laughs and excitement when goals are reached.

Our family and Scott are very blessed to have these people in our lives, along with the therapists, who do amazing work in our community with people like Scott who are on a long road of recovery. Not only do they provide care by also love and laughter into the lives of those whose world can be very challenging.”

  • Jody Newlyn (Scott’s mother)

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