Major Changes in the 90s

The 1990s was a decade which saw major organisational changes, including mergers, and substantial growth.

The mission, however, remained the same – to help people with disabilities to have the best lives they could possibly achieve.

In 1996, Tehan Enterprises Adult Training & Support Service Incorporated and Echuca Physically Disabled Persons Association Incorporated, known as Kanyana, merged to become Murray Human Services (MHS).

In 1999 Echuca and Swan Hill disability services were brought together in one organisation by the merger of MHS and the Lady Byrnes Centre, with the new entity retaining the name of Murray Human Services.

The organisation invested in the expansion of its vehicle fleet to ensure that its services were accessible by people who lived in homes and communities well outside the townships of Echuca and Swan Hill.

MHS saw out the decade with services spread across 14 regional sites – supporting 200 people with disabilities and employing 130 staff.

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