Joel Takes Award for Greatest Achiever

Each year Vivid Learning celebrates the achievements of those who have participated in one or more of the courses on offer through our Registered Training Organisation.

The event is a true highlight on the Vivid calendar with family and friends coming together to recognise all of our participants who have gained new skills which can be applied to various aspects of their lives.

The Greatest Achiever Award is an annual prize for one person who has gone above and beyond – someone whose engagement in learning has resulted in personal growth.

Proudly sponsored by Smartmove Computing, the winner of the Greatest Achiever Award is the lucky recipient of a brand new iPad.

In 2019, Vivid was extremely proud to award Joel Awty as the Greatest Achiever for 2019.

Joel participated in all four terms of Creative Kitchens. This program is designed to build basic cooking and kitchen skills, following recipes to prepare and present delicious meals including: working as part of a team, planning a meal on a budget, following a recipe including measuring quantities, using kitchen appliances, setting oven temperature, kitchen hygiene and food handling skills.

Joel’s trainer Sue described Joel as “an enthusiastic learner, eager to get started each week and happy to entertain the group with his jokes. Some good, some not so good.

He experienced many new techniques in cooking as well as trying his skills with the kitchen appliances, no matter how messy that became on occasion.

“He liked working as part of a team, teaming up with Steven and Karen to create some great mouth-watering desserts, his favourite being golden syrup dumplings with caramel sauce.

“He enjoyed constructing desserts from start to finish, which included some taste testing before the baking!

“While attending Creative Kitchens, he made some good friendships with the Work Crew guys, sharing stories and jokes.”

Well done Joel!

Vivid would sincerely like to thank Smartmove Computing for their generous sponsorship of the Greatest Achiever Award.

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