Gerri’s new home

Burke House welcomes Gerri with open arms

At the end of March, Gerri Gallivan moved into Vivid’s supported accommodation home, Burke House, and everyone at Vivid along with Gerri’s family, are so happy for her.

Gerri is the seventh of nine Gallivan children and has been receiving support from Vivid since it was first formed in the 1960s (then known as Tehan House). She has lived at home with her family up until now.

It has been a huge thrill to welcome Gerri as a resident of Burke House and she has settled in beautifully. She was very excited to start moving her belongings in and spent time unpacking with her family.

Over the course of her first week at Burke House, Gerri played UNO and Snakes & Ladders with staff and her housemates. We know that Gerri will be an active member of the house, already pitching in to help prepare meals and setting the table for dinner.

Vivid’s support staff have been so pleased with the beautiful transition that Gerri has made, as have her family. Gerri’s sister Carmel told staff earlier this week that “It is Geraldine’s time to make her home, and you have made this possible.”