Edie Hangs Up Her Work Crew Uniform

Edie Collett has worked with Vivid Work Crew in it’s many incarnations (Murray Foods and Task Force) for over 20 years and has recently taken the step into
retirement after a fantastic career.

Edie is a much loved member of the Vivid Family. She is known by all who come into contact with her for her kind and friendly manner, as well as being a hard worker and extremely organised. Over the years, Edie has worked in many roles including administration (which she says was her favourite), being an OH&S representative and working on the Little Blue Towels contract.

As well as being a wonderful employee, Edie is a proud and dedicated mum to her daughter Amy and is a talented artist. As she moves into this new stage
of her life, Edie is participating in Vivid Living’s Arts & Craft and Healthy Living & Wellbeing programs.

“I never did a lot of sport at school and my Doctors have been encouraging me to exercise more, so I’m looking forward to doing that. I’ll be doing pottery on Tuesdays which I love” said Edie.

We wish Edie all the best and thank her for her outstanding contribution to Vivid over the years.