Coronavirus Advice: Tuesday 24 March 2020

This Advice is for all Vivid staff, clients their families and carers together with everyone else who is a part of the Vivid family.


All services are continuing to be delivered
All of Vivid’s services are, at this time, continuing to be delivered.

Demand for services

Unsurprisingly, some clients, their families and carers have elected to cease services.

There has been an increase in enquiries about changing support needs, in particular in-home services.

Vivid welcomes such enquiries!

We are very happy to discuss what services we can deliver that suit the changing needs of the people we support, their families and carers.

Vivid remains focused on providing services to people with disabilities.

Supporting them, their families and carers.


As noted above, Vivid is continuing to deliver services but there has been a drop in attendance at some services.

This is, of course, having an impact on the number of shifts available.

It is a very fluid situation at the moment, making planning (for tomorrow, let alone next week!) very tricky.

Advice for casual staff

If you are a casual employee:

* We will endeavour to provide you with shifts but can’t guarantee that you will receive the hours you may be accustomed to.

* You may need to be prepared to travel to other sites or townships to pick up shifts.

* Familiarise yourself with the Centrelink and other Government support on offer for casual workers.

Advice for staff with contracted hours

* You will continue to be rostered for shifts which will fill your contracted hours.

* Be prepared, however, to not work more than your contracted hours – in other words you may not receive the hours you may be accustomed to.

* You can apply for Annual Leave but approval will be subject to operational requirements including the need for Vivid to have enough staff available to fill all required shifts.

* You can apply for Long Service Leave and Leave without Pay but, again, approval will be subject to operational requirements.

To conclude

The above advice for staff is preliminary; further information how Vivid can support you will be forthcoming over the coming days.

We are very conscious of the impact on staff and the need for Vivid to support its staff.

Overall the approach we are taking is that this is a slowdown, not a shutdown.

People with disabilities will continue to need Vivid. We need to be there for them.


Scott Alexander
0417 532 969
[email protected]

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