Coronavirus Advice: Sunday 22 March 2020


Non-essential business shutdown
The Victorian Government has today indicated that it will proceed, over the next 48 hours, to implement a shutdown of all non-essential activity across Victoria.

This step is being taken to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

What does this mean for Vivid’s services?
The answer to this question is not yet clear.

Similarly, how does this impact on you – our staff, the people we support and your families and carers?

In this Advice I will provide you with an overview of our current thinking on these issues.

As soon as I can provide you with more detailed and specific advice, I will do so.

What is essential and non-essential?
The Government has indicated that “essential business” includes supermarkets, banks and pharmacies. These businesses will be permitted to continue to operate.

No mention of disability services, but there is no doubt that Vivid does provide at least some essential services which must continue to be provided.

We are seeking clarification of this.
This is critically important information for you – and we will provide it to you the instant we have it.

Services on Monday 23 March
All Vivid services will be running on Monday 23 March.

These operations will be subject to, of course, the restrictions and safeguards we announced last week.

Services from Tuesday 23 March
We will clarify this during the course of Monday 23 March.

The future
Vivid will continue to strive to fulfil its mission of supporting people with disabilities.

A very large community of people – the Vivid family – depend on our organisation.

Vivid has an obligation to that family and the broader community.

I noted earlier in this Advice that I would provide you with more specific and detailed advice as soon as I am able to do so.

That will be on Monday 23 March.

Please monitor our website (www.wearevivid.org.au) for updates.

If you have a smartphone, we encourage you to download the Konnective App which is a communication tool for staff and anyone connected to Vivid. Click on the below links to download it:

Download in Google Play

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Once downloaded, search for We Are Vivid and sign up to the news feeds that relate to you.

As always you can contact me on 0417 532 969 or by email: [email protected]


Scott Alexander
Chief Executive Officer