A transformation at Vivid Work Crew Kerang

Thanks to a grant from the John Wallis Foundation, Vivid Work Crew in Kerang has now been transformed. Find out how things are blossoming in the Mallee town....


Vivid Work Crew in Kerang is one of nine Vivid sites across northern Victoria and is HQ for fifteen supported employees who take part in a range of work such as car cleaning, painting surveyor pegs and our nursery.

In 2018, we approached the John Wallis Foundation for a grant to transform part of the site which was a bric-a-brac cum nursery. Thanks to their generosity, the outdoor area at the site has undergone a complete transformation. The grant allowed us to purchase large planter boxes, a propagating table and display cupboard (all which were made by the Vivid Work Crew in Swan Hill); purchase soil and plants which are harvested on site and an iPad which is used for plant identification, recipe research and links in with our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden resources.

We recently sat down with Bernadette Rich, one of Vivid’s supported employees who is based at Kerang, and asked her about the project. Here’s what Bernadette had to say:

What do you love about the new area here at Kerang?
It’s good in lots of ways.

How is it good?
We’ve got a new veggie garden. It’s organic. With no chemicals. We get to plant what we want.

What changes have you noticed out in the nursery?
The plants are coming up. The new boxes mean we don’t have to bend down. And the customers don’t have to bend down either.

How has this changed the work you do here at Kerang?
It’s more exciting, more fun. Because we actually learn about what we’re doing in the nursery.

What do you love most about this new area?
It’s more open, and there’s more space. So we get to put our new designs of planting around the area.

What are some of the things that you have learnt, or that you’re currently learning?
The way we plant different plants – and learn about particular plants, and how it grows. And we’re learning about new designs and plants that we’ve never done before which is very interesting.

What do you get most out of the nursery?
Watching the plants grow. Watching how they grow from seed to flower, and then flower to fruit.


From the entire Vivid family, we’d like to say a very big thanks to all at the John Wallis Foundation.

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